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OMG! The Shadow Line are metaphorical shadows of the ToQgers!!!! (minus Akira)

Madame Noire is what could happen to Mio if she became dominating without considering other people’s feelings.

General Schwarz is what could happen to Hikari if he became too obsessed with thinking logically.

Baron Nero is what could happen to Tokatti if he didn’t think for himself.

Gritta is what could happen to Kagura if Kagura didn’t try and be herself and only cared about her fantasy world.

Zed is what could happen to Right if he became obsessed with imagination and being selfish. 

That fan art of the ToQgers dressed as the Shadow Line going around is what made it all click to me! The Shadow Line are all the dark sides of the ToQgers if the team weren’t friends and tried to be good people. And the reverse is that the Shadow Line could be like the ToQgers if they weren’t in such an environment that encouraged backstabbing and domination. 

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